medium excavator / crawler / diesel / Tier 4 - intermediate
SY235C-Tier 4i SANY Group



  • Size:


  • Locomotion:


  • Engine type:

    diesel, Tier 4 - intermediate

  • Applications:

    construction, mining and quarrying

  • Operating weight:


  • Engine power:



SY235C medium excavator features customized engine, auto deceleration system, strengthened structure, making the 23.5t Excavator a efficient and robust machine for medium-sized earth and stone work.

High Efficiency & Low Consumption

Isuzu Engine Customized for SANY

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the Isuzu AL-4HK1X engine can be used more efficiently. This perfect combination produces higher operating efficiency with lower fuel consumption with automatic engine speed regulation.

Optimized Power Control

With closed-loop control, the controller automatically regulates the power absorbed by hydraulic pump according to the changes of engine load during operation, making hydraulic pump power match with power of engine at all times.