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crawler crane / lattice / luffing jib / for construction



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    luffing jib, lattice

  • Operating environment:

    for construction

  • Other characteristics:


  • Lift capacity:

    Max.: 180,000 kg (396,832 lb)

    Min.: 1 kg (2 lb)

  • Working height:

    Max.: 85 m (278'10")

    Min.: 16 m (52'05")


The Crawler Cranes SCC1800 have a safety control system, which includes two reliable and convenient modes of operation: installation and working. Features include a realtime level display, electrical emergency control, stop operation braking away from module, CCTV monitoring functions, automatic walk switches, etc. The cranes offer excellent operating performance with load sensing. This sensing technology enables control of electro-hydraulic proportional micro-speed and load limit. Each micro-movement is exceptionally good and operation is stable with the control technology. Reliable assurance for the functions is provided, due to key components adopting famous international brands, and the control system that can be operated in extreme environments. The Crawler Cranes also come with convenient maintenance technology.