automatic feeding system / for the food industry
CFM SC series Sapli



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    automatic, for the food industry


To supply a production line of high product demand Sapli has a wide variety of automatic product feeding systems. This machines place the product in the right way to be delivered to a packaging machine.

Within the range of products we can give you solutions based on the application to be solved. In all cases, the product is treated with the most care not to receive or shock or damage at any time. For this purpose the storage systems are adapted to the characteristics of the product.

Depending on the needs required of each case we install alignment and orienting systems, product dosage systems in terms of cadence, working in static or dynamic movements, feed from one or multiple number of machines, combinations of product organized in different ways, intermediate processes, product handling (rotations, inversions, elevations, accumulations), product selection and rejection, intermediate quality checks, stacking systems.

In each case we will propose the solution that best suits your requirement.