Deep hole drilling machine
max. ø 380 x 3 500 mm | PR450 Saporiti

The rate of growth of industries lately is on the increase and so are the demands on faster hole making machines within the mechanical engineering industry. This has led to the increased demand for deep hole drilling. The SAPORITI PR450 CNC Deep Hole Drilling machine has been designed to accomplish a variety of tasks. With the capability to Drill, Bore, Hone and optionally internal profiling in a single setup. The technical characteristics and rigidity of this machine allows for the use of modern carbide tooling, subsequently handling times, setup errors and production costs are greatly reduced.


Higher Precision: Since the work piece is never removed from initial setup.
Lower Machining Time: Since no re-positioning on different machines is required.
Counter-rotating Machining: Ensuring a straight and concentric workpiece.
Cost Savings: Major reduction in expenditure as other machinery is not required.

Main Specifications:
Total Length - 10.5Mtrs
Max. Drilling Dia. - 240mm
Min. Drilling Dia. - 30mm
Workpiece Max. Rotation - 800 Rpm
Drill head Max. Rotation - 1200 Rpm
Max. Workpiece Length - 3500mm
Max. Workpiece Dia. - 380mm
Workpiece Max. Torque - 51Kw
Drill Head Max. Torque - 55Kw
Max. Oil Flow - 800 Lt's/Min


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