Centrifugal concentrator / laboratory / molecular biology
3 000 - 1 000 000 Da | Vivapin series Sartorius AG


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    centrifugal, laboratory, molecular biology


Vivaspin 500 centrifugal concentrators are integrated with high flux PES membrane and with high retentate recovery which ranges up to 90%. These are disposable ultrafiltration device specifically for biological trial concentrating applications. It has an easy-operation procedure for liquid that has a minimum volume of 500 µl. They are in a vertical membrane structure for high-speed operation. It adapts a universal rotor compatibility for multi-purpose applications. It has a well-managed volume control to assess tolerable quantity and volume graduation for easy reading. Optimized function can be carried out through this centrifugal concentrators by the means of its fixed angle rotors which accepts 2.2 ml of centrifuge tubes.


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