manual adjustable-volume pipette / 12-channel / 8-channel / single-channel
Proline series Sartorius AG



  • Type:

    manual adjustable-volume

  • Number of channels:

    single-channel, 12-channel, 8-channel

  • Volume:

    Min.: 1 ml (0.03 fl us oz)

    Max.: 5 ml (0.17 fl us oz)


The Biohit Proline mechanical pipette covers the volume range 0.1 µl to 5 ml with 8 adjustable single-channel and 8 adjustable multichannel models. Like the orignal Biohit mechanical pipette, the Proline is built for various kinds of routine laboratory work, except with an enhanced performance and a longer life cycle. The Proline also has fixed volume single-channel specifications.

The Proline has a compact and practical design that promises extremely accurate, precise and contamination free results through its Safe-Cone Filters.