filter diaphragm
max. 300 000 Da, 13 - 293 mm | Hydrosart® Sartorius AG



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The Sartorius Stedim Biotech provides a complete range of top-notch filtration membrane discs for use in stirred cells’ sample concentration. The membrane discs are available in 13mm to 293mm diameters, and have 1 to 300kDa molecular weight cut-offs. Choose from three membrane materials based on use.

The standard material is PES and it has a high flux, with zero hydrophilic/hydrophobic interactions and is considered to be low fouling. If a situation requires high hydrophilicity and/or high ultrafiltrate recovery then the CTA is recommended. Finally, Hydrosart®, which is regenerated cellulose, offers significantly low protein binding and extensive chemical resistance. It is recommended for situations where the concentration of sample content has very low protein.