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Powder coating line / vertical
1.000 tons SAT S.p.A. (Surface Aluminium Technologies)


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The first vertical powder coating plants were introduced in Europe by Trevisan at the beginning of the 80 reprising the vertical liquid plants concept already in operation in the U.S.A. to coat aluminium profiles on a large scale.
The increasing demand for aluminium in the building sector, the need to optimize running costs and at the same time the productivity of the lines (a vertical line means less operators and more output if compared to an horizontal plant), allowed a large spread of this kind of plants all over the world.

In these last thirty years, in the most demanding powder coating markets in terms of industrial performances, a great change as far as concerns the aluminium coated profiles market has occurred: the range of colours and finishings required has enlarged and the big white lots demand has been replaced by a small polychrome groups of profiles request.

We have to point out, all over these years, Trevisan has always interpreted these signs of the market extremely fast. Very often the innovations introduced by the Trevisan brand have also anticipated some circumstances job coaters would have had to run up against in a following moment.

SAT S.p.A. is proceeding with the same philosophy: innovations suitable for the scenario prefigured by the signs of the market. This means plants with a relevant technological content. Thanks to a skilful and experienced staff as far as concerns industrial lines for aluminium, SAT S.p.A. has already developed solutions capable to create substantial benefits in terms of running costs and plant automation level.


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