blown film extrusion line air blow-off system
PSAC H Series Satake ESM



  • Application:

    for blown film extrusion lines


H Type Airlocks

The airlock is designed to operate on blowing lines handling flour, sugar, provender meals and other granular materials. It transfers stock to conveying lines with minimum loss of air from the pneumatic system. The ’H’ range are heavy duty airlocks.

The airlock is constructed from cast iron and mild steel. It has an internal rotor forming eight pockets, each with a capacity of 0.227 cu.ft. Each pocket is emptied of material by a blow through discharge system. The airlock is designated ’W’ wide or ’C’ close according to the manufactured clearance of the rotor to accommodate different stock.

Sealing glands fitted to the airlock can be pressurised above the blowing line pressure if required, using a reducing valve. This is done by removing the plain plug on each end plate and connecting air lines from the end plate air inlets to the supply.

H Type airlocks can be supplied for blowing line pressures up to 28 psi (2 bar g).