belt dosing dispenser / weight / continuous
DLN series Sautelma Rotolok



  • Type:

    belt, weight

  • Other characteristics:



The belt weigh feeder extracts a product from a storage hopper through the constant cross-section and according to a fixed reference flow-rate (set point), adjusts the extracted volume by varying the belt speed in such a way as to keep a constant weighed flow-rate.

The DLN belt weigh feeder is used for the continuous weighing and feeding of materials with normal or difficult flowability.

Cement Industry: Limestone, Clay, Pyrite, Clinker, Gypsum, Slag…
Steel Industry: Iron ore, Coke, Additives
Coke production: Coal, Additives
Chemical Industry: Raw and humid phosphate, Sulphur, Potash, Urea, Fertilizers, Carbonate
Building materials: Plaster, Lime, Clay, Sand, Barite, Manganese, Grits
Aluminum: Petrol coke, raw and burnt scraps, Pitch, alumina, lime…