low-viscosity liquid dosing dispenser / belt / loss-in-weight
DLF series Sautelma Rotolok



  • Applications:

    for low-viscosity liquids

  • Type:

    belt, loss-in-weight


The DLF belt weigh feeder extracts the material from a feed chute colling "calming chamber" through the constant cross-section and according to a fixed reference flow-rate (set point), adjusts the extracted volume by varying the belt speed in such a way as to keep a constant weighed flow-rate. In the “calming chamber” the material is slowed down and de-aerated.

The DLF belt weigh feeder was designed especially for free end very free flowing materials. The belt conveyor is extended to incorporate the “calming chamber” where the material is slowed down and de-aerated.

This weigh feeders is used in:

Chemical Industry: Crushed dry phosphate, powdered dry clay,
Building materials: Hot and dry plaster, Silica, Manganese
Aluminum: Fine of petrol coke and crushed coal,
Cement Industry: Row meal, dry trass
Coke production: Coal, Additives
Petrochemical: Polyethylene and polypropylene