Case sealer (hot melt glue)
max. 12 cycles/min | E-Jivaro Savoye

The E-Jivaro®: New Packaging Concept

E-Commerce innovation...
A revolution for e-commerce... Four years after the launch of the Jivaro® which is sold in its hundreds all over the world. Savoye is innovating with the E-Jivaro®. Like its "older sister", this new prepared box lidding machine automatically adapts the height of the box to the filling height.

The difference: E-Jivaro® is able to make boxes in "letter box format", i.e. an A4 format with a thickness greater than or equal to 30 mm (as opposed to 50 mm for the Jivaro) depending on the products it contains (photo albums, books, textiles, para-medicinal products...) !


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