concentration monitoring system / emissions / dust / real-time
SMG100 Saxon Junkalor GmbH



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    emissions, dust

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The SMG100 is suitable for the mobile review and monitoring of dust emissions, especially at high temperatures.

Calibration of combustion plants
Monitoring of dust filters, also electrostatic precipitators
Checking the dust content in bioprocesses
Measurements on combustion engines

Our dust measuring technology for the mobile use works also under extreme measurement conditions stable and reliable. The SMG100 is used to determine the particle mass concentration of industrial dusts. For the monitoring of dust filters, in the cement industry or the calibration of combustion plants.

The Dust Measurement Device of SAXON Junkalor GmbH is characterized by the following features:

large high contrast real-time display
Media temperatures up to 800 ° C, even at high humidity
cold- and hot-extractive sampling, different probe heads
Data transmission via Bluetooth Class 1 (100m class)
normed on DEHS