exhaust gas analyzer / flue gas / concentration / portable
DPM 1.0 Saxon Junkalor GmbH



  • Measured entity:

    exhaust gas, flue gas

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Portable compact instrument for modern diesel exhaust diagnosis
Measurement of particle mass concentration from 0 to 300 mg/m³ in real time
far greater accuracy than AU-approved Opacimeter
Measuring time freely selectable from 0 to 30 minutes with data logger
Easy operation with touch screen
Bluetooth interface for communication with PC / Notebook

With the DPM our company provides a tester for the modern diesel diagnosis. Based on the principle of laser scattered light the particle mass concentrations can be detected up to 300 mg/m³ of combustion gas. The measurement time can be selected according to the application from 1 to a maximum of 30 minutes. The advantage of the DPM1.0 is that the instantaneous value is displayed on the touch screen and after completion of the measurement the minimum, maximum and average value is calculated. The further handling of the data and the storage of data is possible via PC / notebook. The transmission of the data can be done via Bluetoot.

Ease of use, mobility and as already mentioned the display of instantaneous values distinguish this product from any other.