exhaust gas analyzer / flue gas / infrared absorption / compact
INFRALYT smart Saxon Junkalor GmbH



  • Measured entity:

    exhaust gas, flue gas

  • Measured value:

    infrared absorption

  • Other characteristics:



Small, compact and robust gas analyzer for measuring gasoline vehicles
easy connectable to PC / Laptop
wireless connection via Bluetooth
ASA network capable and compatible to AUPlus

The Infralyt SMART was designed to perform the emissions test on vehicles.

The device determines the gas components CO, CO2, HC as normal hexane via infrared absorption and O2 via the electro-chemical principle. With a simplification of “Brettschneider” formula, an air-fuel ratio is calculated, which decides on the stoichiometric quality of the combustion process from the exhaust gas. Separated from the electronics and optical package is the pneumatics for the purification of gas arranged. The individual elements are easily accessible for cleaning and replacement.

In addition, the determination of the speed through different donors, the temperature of engine oil and the connection of an OBD connector for data retrieval of the control device is possible.
The Infralyt SMART is connected with a PC / notebook via:

RS 232

The OBD communication with the vehicle can be done via an optional integrated OBD module with a cable or comfortable about the additional Bluetooth OBD module BT 01.

With the diesel smoke meter Opacilyt 1030 the device can be upgraded to the combinated system.