electric manipulator / with orbital end effector / with suction cup / positioning
Liftronic® Pro series Scaglia Indeva



  • Drive type:


  • Gripping device:

    with orbital end effector, with suction cup

  • Applications:

    positioning, for sacks, for cardboard boxes

  • Other characteristics:

    pillar, self-balancing, intelligent

  • Field:



An INDEVA® Liftronic® Manipulator with vacuum gripper offers the highest standard of safety compared to any other lift equipment with vacuum gripping system.

In case of unsafe vacuum level, load lifting is not allowed;
if vacuum is below safety level after the load is lifted, the system descends slowly to ground and an acoustic buzzer is actived;
load release is not allowed until load is layed on a stable support
in case of electric power fault with load gripped and lifted, the system descends slowly to ground;
in case of electric power network faults with no load gripped, the system stops;

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