electric manipulator / with orbital end effector / positioning / loading
Liftronic® Pro series Scaglia Indeva



  • Drive type:


  • Gripping device:

    with orbital end effector

  • Applications:

    positioning, loading, for gripping, for lifting, for reel handling, for lifting, for textiles

  • Other characteristics:

    ergonomic, self-balancing, pick-and-place, intelligent, custom, rotation 0°-180°, rotation 0°- 90°, column-mounted

  • Field:

    industrial, for the packaging industry, for the paper industry, for the textile industry

  • Carrying capacity:

    50 kg, 90 kg, 160 kg (110.2 lb)


A Liftronic® Pro INDEVA® can be equipped with a standard or custom orbital tool head that allows to easily rotate a load gripped. Suitable for handling reels, cylinders etc…

INDEVA® Orbital Tool Head can feature automatic load balancing and automatic barycentre adjust device.

Manipulator Liftronic® for handling reels of packaging paper in Poland

INDEVA® Liftronic® with orbital tool head and expanding chuck for handling reels of packaging paper quickly, precisely and safely. An automatic barycentre adjust device allows to mantain perfect balance condition at all times, with or without the reel and no matter if the reel length varies.
Manipulator with orbital tool head for handling reels of plastic film

INDEVA Orbital Tool Head

INDEVA Orbital Tool Head is the state of the art solution for handling reels. For loading creels, for packing reels into boxes etc… INDEVA Orbital Tool Head features unique technology: electronic control for precise load positioning and directio change high safety against load drop automatic barycentre adjust device Read all the advantages of an INDEVA

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