Manipulator with orbital end effector / for beer barrels / positioning / compact
Scaglia Indeva


  • Gripping device:

    with orbital end effector

  • Applications:

    for beer barrels, positioning

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, digital


Ergonomic handling systems for beer drums in the logistic area and in the warehouse with an INDEVA® model Liftronic® Easy.
The operator can move heavy beer barrels with natural, intuitive and quick motions.

Very precise barrel positioning without bouncing ; with an INDEVA® it is not necessary for the operator to oppose inertia forces when first picking the barrel from its support, or when changing vertical direction or when leaving the barrel down.
The sensitive handle can be different lengths to suit different picking and positioning heights, thus never allowing the operator to handle loads above his shoulder height, nor bending his back.
An additional long handle for helping the operator to position the barrel can be added if required.


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