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Manipulator with suction cup / for sacks / bag / box
Liftronic Scaglia Indeva


  • Gripping device:

    with suction cup

  • Applications:

    for sacks, bag, box

  • Other characteristics:



INDEVA is a vacuum lifting equipment which comes with end effectors. These can be adjusted for handling bags. These effectors can also be used in handling jars, drums or cardboard boxes. There are 4 different faces meant for handling vacuum cups that are for boxes, suction cup for drums, hook for jars and vacuum pads for bags. The gripping faces can be changed easily and quickly.

INDEVA is can be balanced automatically as it does not need any selector or settings for this purpose. It also adjusts itself to the weight of the load. The machine moves without opposing any inertia force in the direction the operator guides. The operator can move the tools up or down by applying only 2 grams force. It can also empty the bags and the tolling does not react to the weight change. It allows zero gravity handling for smooth operations.


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