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manipulator with suction cup / for sacks / bag / box
Liftronic Scaglia Indeva



  • Gripping device:

    with suction cup

  • Applications:

    for sacks, bag, box

  • Other characteristics:



An INDEVA® manipulator can be equipped with a gripping tooling for picking several drums at the same time, using a frame with many vacuum pads and easily adjustable according to the number of drums to be picked.
An Indeva manipulator can be equipped with a tooling suitable for different types of containers: drums, bags, boxes, buckets; a simple click and the tooling is set with the gripping side suitable for either one of the above mentioned type of load; with one gripping tool you can pick by vacuum bags and cardboard boxes, by hook buckets and tanks.
With an Indeva you can empty bulky drums effortlessly.
The tooling of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Series remains still whilst the drum is being emptied and its weight is changing thanks to the INDEVA® technology.

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