Vacuum manipulator / boxes / sack
Liftronic Scaglia Indeva

Vacuum lifting equipment INDEVA with end effector adjustable for handling bags, or cardboard boxes or drums or jars.
A single toolign with 4 different faces: vacuum cups for boxes, vacuum pad for bags, suction cup for drums and a hook for jars.
Changing from one gripping face to another is very quick and simple. The INDEVA Manipulator is auto balancing and automatically (no selector, no setting required) adjusts immediately and continually to the weight of the load, thus allowing smooth zero gravity handling all the time. The INDEVA moves without opposing any inertia force in the direction the operator guides and the operator can just apply 2 grams force for moving the tooling up or down. The operator can empty the bag and the tooling doesn't move as the weight of bag changes.
The Indeva is the state of the art solution for manual material handling.


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