CNC milling-engraving machine
1500 x 630 x 100 mm | C3 ScandInvent

C3 is a milling and engraving stone CNC machine designed as an affordable way to help remove the bottleneck in your production.

it is designed to make accurate cutting out of granite, marble and engineered stone for sink bowl and cooking tops easy and cost-effective for the stone worker.

The principal behind our compact sink CNC machinery is the same as an hole punch, where the machine only needs to be slightly wider than the distance between the holes, not as big as an A4 piece of paper.

The unique open gantry, combined with a compact and space-saving design, allows for any size work piece. As with the C4, the stone is worked polished side up for ease of set up. It also has a tilt table so you dont need to worry if your marble and granite isnt calibrated and is ideal for drainers and flutes.

The entire process is run from the integrated PC Windows® control panel. The easy-to-operate interface in the modern computer makes it possible to draw, change and save thousands of drawings and figures at the machine.


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