video corpo

Single-phase EMI filter / IEC inlet / for medical applications
1 - 15 A | FN 9233 SCHAFFNER Group


  • Electrical attributes:


  • Mounting:

    IEC inlet

  • Product applications:

    for medical applications


This ---- offers top notch attenuation performance and can be had with an earth line choke and optional medical variants. Adding to this, it can also be ordered in hot inlet models (Hi type) and snap in models (S and SI type). With regards to attenuation performance, it is high or standard depending on the customer. Other specifications of this product include dc to 400 Hz frequency, 373 µA leakage current, 2 µA leakage current (B types), 1 to 15 A rated current, ? 250 V voltage and adherence to IEC/EN 60601-1 standards.


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