key lock switch / SPDT / bipolar / electromechanical
S860 series Schaltbau GmbH



  • Type:

    key lock

  • Number of poles:

    SPDT, bipolar

  • Other characteristics:

    electromechanical, snap-action, safety

  • Current:

    10 A

  • Voltage:

    400 V


S860 Series keylock switches are fitted with S800 a Series snap-action switches, which have a current rating of 10 A.

The S800 a is a Form C SPDT snap-action switch with double-break contacts and positive opening operation, which ensures the failsafe disconnection of the contacts even if they have become welded together after a short-circuit. That is what makes them ideally suited for use in safety-related applications.

Thanks to their snap-action mechanism these switches allow for slow actuator speed and, despite their small package size, a failsafe switching of relatively high loads.

The locking cylinder functions both as actuator and interlock. There is a fixed detent position for ON and OFF with key pull only in the OFF positon (when contacts are open). The switches are activated by a key that is turned in a circle.

Our keylock switches are fitted with a standard locking cylinder and keyway system. However, the cylinder is also available with two alternative keyway systems (see ordering code).

- Electrical interlocking switches for protection against unauthorised use
- Rotary cylinder lock version:
- ON and OFF settings slightly engaged
- Single or double pole versions available
- For the double pole versions the two contacts are always the same type
- Suitable for switching purposes in control circuits

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