pneumatic conveying rotary valve / recycling / blow-through
IDMS Schenck Process Europe GmbH


  • Applications:

    for pneumatic conveying, recycling

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The use of alternative fuels is not only a socially conscientious choice, but also economically advantageous. Using recycled fibers, chips or plastic shreddings can all be used as sources of alternative fuel if the have been properly processed utilizing the appropriate methods. The Schenck Process IDMS blow through rotary valve has been specifically designed for use with low cost alternative fuels that result from waste processing plants. Amongst these fuels are fibers, chippings, plastic shreddings, and assorted products. This rotary valve is built for the purposes of transporting this various waste materials to waste burning plants, power plants, calciners, and revolving cylindrical furnaces. These materials are also transported for use in assorted manufacturing sectors like lime, cement, gypsum, and power generation industries, where it is used in these industries to produce energy.


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