belt conveyor / horizontal / vertical / long-distance
MoveMaster® Schenck Process Holding GmbH



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    horizontal, vertical, long-distance


At the inlet point of the MoveMaster® U belt conveyor, the belt opens up similarly to the conventional belt conveyors. But afterwards, the belt forms a U shape due to a special roller configuration. The outlet of this u shaped conveyor transports the materials. For opening it up, the configuration used is common to the one used for shaping the belt. With a much higher feed rates, the u shaped conveyors are much more efficient as compared to the tube conveyors. For the same feed rate as the tube conveyors, the u shaped conveyors use a much narrower belt. Some of the features that make these conveyors an outstanding product are its durability over rough terrain not withstanding horizontal and vertical curves, ability to easily integrate with the already existing plants, isolation of conveyor belts from external features such as wind, rain or snow, the environmental friendly features, a much smaller and compact design as compared to the bulky tube belt conveyors and a much lower cost of operator as compared to the other conveyor belts.