Blow through rotary valve / with cutting device
IDMS Schenck Process

There are plenty of good reasons for switching from standard to alternative fuels. As well as the money in your pocket, using alternative fuels conserves the world's resources. Recycling fibres, chippings or for example plastic shreddings also makes sense in the long term if the combustion processes are optimised using appropriate modules and systems.

Kind on the planet and your pocket. Developed for the future

The IDMS blow-through rotary valve from Schenck Process has been developed especially for use with low-cost secondary fuels, which result from waste processing plants in the form of shredder light fraction. Such fuels include fibres, chippings, plastic shreddings and mixed products. The IDMS blow-through rotary valve helps to transport these to revolving cylindrical furnaces, calciners, waste incineration plants, power stations and industries such as cement, lime, gypsum and power generation where they are burnt to produce energy.


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