Bulk material flow meter / mass / Coriolis / compact
MULTICOR® S Schenck Process


  • Fluid:

    for bulk materials

  • Technology:

    mass, Coriolis

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, in-line

  • Applications:

    for bulk materials


MULTICOR® S mass flow-rate feeding devices find ideal application where large quantity bulk solids need to be continuously established, controlled and fed. The devices are designed as per Coriolis principle to provide precise feeding. Coriolis principle is a unique measuring principle that is based on direct, fast measured value acquisition.

When the bulk solid particles hit a rotating measuring wheel, due to centrifugal force, the bulk solid particles on the vane move outwards. On the measuring wheel, as a result of acceleration in circumferencial direction, the bulk solids are subject to the Coriolis force. This is recorded as a measurable variable which is proportional to the gravimetric feed rate irrespective of the changing bulk density or different grain size. MULTICOR® S from Schenck Process is capable to measures material stream with ±0.5% accuracy. The economical device proves superior accuracy in various applications from dust and flour feeding to charging of materials in a process or optimisation of truck loading.


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