Bulk material flow meter / mass / Coriolis / in-line
MULTICOR® R 450 Schenck Process


  • Fluid:

    for bulk materials

  • Technology:

    mass, Coriolis

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for bulk materials


This is a R 450 mass flow-rate feeding devices engineered by MULTICOR®. It is used for controlling and feeding bulk amounts of solids. This equipment is capable of following Coriolis principle that is a unique method of measuring bulk solids in a fast, direct and principled manner. The innovative fundamental of Coriolis force is executed via a revolving measuring wheel.

The action of centrifugal force brings the bulk solid particles towards the outward side. The measuring wheel gets accelerated in the circumferential direction and get subjected to the Coriolis force. This variable can be measured and is in proportion to the gravimetric feed rate despite varying grain size and bulk density.

This equipment gives a remarkable performance and comes with an accuracy of ±0.5%.


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