liquid dosing unit / resin / for the electronics industry / for the plastics industry
Scheugenpflug AG



  • Applications:

    liquid, resin

  • Domain:

    for the electronics industry, for the plastics industry, for the automotive industry

  • Other characteristics:

    automated, 3-axis, CNC


The Scheugenpflug processing modules allow systems integrators and automation providers to leverage the benefits of the strictest processing technology standards in their production lines or cells. The systems can be quickly and safely integrated into new or existing production lines or cells as easy as “plug-and-produce”. This ensures that all parameters and processes related to adhesive bonding and potting are accurately matched to each other, independently of the rest of the machine. Two systems are available for different processing requirements: the Basic model and the Premium model.

- Fast and easy integration through plug-and-produce
- High quality dispensing process easily integrated
- Straightforward programming
- Optimal usage of space
- Compact design