Manual press
2.5 - 22 kN SCHMIDT Technology


  • Operation:



SCHMIDT® Toggle Presses
No 11 to 19
Force range 2.5 to 22 kN
Highest force towards the end of the
stroke. These presses are suitable for all
applications where material is being
formed (e.g. riveting).
For high side loads these presses are
available with square ram.

ManualPresses are the economical solution for short run productions. The design of these presses is the direct result of our experience in multiple applications. They carry the hallmark of quality and precision. They provide:
- fast and easy set up
- quick and repeatable tool changeover
Ergonomic design
- hand lever position can be varied by 360°
- left and right hand versions available
Precision alignment
- smaller than 0.05 mm (precision ram and table bores)
Maintenance free


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