programming software / statistical process control (SPC) / optimization / PLC
SCHMIDT Technology



  • Function:

    programming, optimization, statistical process control (SPC)

  • Applications:

    process, PLC, for CNC machines


SCHMIDT® ControlTool is the platform of the SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 and is available optionally with
SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 in combination with a PC. The functionality of ControlTool has been developed especially for assembly operations with direct intervention in the process.

SCHMIDT® ControlTool is a program with “Look and Feel” of Microsoft WindowsTM.

The following functions are available in ControlTool:

Process visualization
Process data management
Development tool (PLC editor)
Statistical Process Control (SPC), optional


Easy and quick setup of the processes
Definition of the data sets and operating profiles by parameters
Process optimization due to switchover of the process display (F/s, F/t, s/t)
Easy and quick definition and evaluation of the processes using the quality monitor
Guaranteed detection of “failed” parts
Unambiguous documentation and component assignment
Software PLC for freely programming processes
Service functions for diagnosis and system updates