Power contactor / electromagnetic / modular
16 - 100 A | CT Schneider Electric - Automation and Control


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The CT is a modular contractors that has a rating of 16 to 100 A with a numbered poles namely 1P+N for CT+ and 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P for CT. It strictly follows compliance standards of EN 669-2-1 for CT+; EN 60947-4-1, EN 61095 and CEI 1095 for CT. It has a lifetime switching operations range of 5,000,000 for CT+ and 200,000 for CT. and a daily switching operation of 5000 for CT+ and 100 for CT with standard and manually-operated contactors versions. Optional auxiliaries available are indication of state, interference filtering, dual control (impulse and/or latched) and time delay.


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