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Capacitor bank
7.5 - 1 200 kVar, 400 - 415 V | Varset Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

Varset is a capacitor bank ready to install and to use. This is a complete solution for automatic power factor correction with the Varlogic controller. This range is composed of compensation enclosures or cubicles with or without incoming circuit breaker to satisfy all possible network configurations (Classic, Comfort, Harmony).

Technical data
Frequency: 50 Hz
Network voltage: 400/415V
Capacitor rated voltage: Classic, Comfort, Harmony
Reactive power: 7.5 to 1200 kvar
Detuned reactor tuning order (Harmony range): 2.7(135Hz), 3.8(190Hz), 4.3(215Hz)
Temperature class: -5°C to +40°C
Standard: IEC 60439-1, IEC 61921, EN 60439-1
Accessory free-standing plinth for enclosures
With or without incoming circuit breaker Compact NS


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