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capacitor bank
7.5 - 1 200 kVar, 400 - 415 V | Varset Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution


The Varset capacitor bank just needs to be installed and it is ready to use, providing a solid solution to correct the automatic power factor. A full range made of compensation enclosures and cubicles available with or without an incoming circuit breaker, these can meet every possible configuration.

The Varset operates at 60Hz at 400/415V and is rated for classic, comfort and harmony voltage. It has a reactive power of 7.5 to 1,200kvar, a harmony range of 2.7 (135Hz), 3.8 (190Hz), 4.3 (215Hz) and the temperature class range is 5°C to +40°C.

It meets the standard IEC 60439-1, IEC 61921, EN 60439-1 and ships with a freestanding plinth to be used within an enclosed space.