multi-chemistry battery charger / floor-standing / thyristor rectifier / automatic
SDC series Schneider Electric



  • Battery type:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    thyristor rectifier, automatic

  • Applications:

    for nuclear applications

  • Amperage:

    Min.: 25 A

    Max.: 1,200 A

  • Nominal voltage:

    Min.: 24 V

    Max.: 220 V


Industrial thyristor rectifier from 25- 1200ADC and higher.


The SDC is highly flexible and meets the highly specific demands even in various autonomy of times. Built on the xxW platform it is similar to all other products on the platform (PEW, PDW, WEW and WDW). The SDC can tolerate even really harsh environmental situations. The firmware is certified with the IEC60880 for NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) applications.

This product is high quality and is one of the best among the class due to GUTOR’s attention on quality and focus to detail.

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