steel cutting machine / CNC / contour / rotary



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    for steel

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Rotary cutting technologies are employed for the form cutting of materials, laminates, non-wovens and films as thin as 10μm. Using state of the art CNC-technique almost any imaginable cutting contour can be achieved. Small quantities are mostly die cut with monobloc cutting cylinders, made of tool steel or by the use of magnetic cylinders/flexible dies. Larger quantities are preferably die cut with segmented tools. High alloy steel, powder metallurgical steels or tungsten carbide are primarily used as cutting segment materials. Die cutting segments can be exchanged easily when damaged. All die cutting materials serve as well as counter cutting materials. In addition coatings can be chosen to protect against corrosion, wear and sticky materials.

These cutting cylinders can be mounted into existing frames or into high precise modules made by Schobertechnologies. Schobertechnologies modules offer features for setting and controlling the die cutting/converting gap by microns. Exact product separation, wear compensation and maximum life time of the die cutting tool go without saying.