gas chromatograph / multi-detector / laboratory / portable
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With its way of operation and the saved measurement report, all documentation can be reproduced quickly and completely. You can save measurements in the PGC and print them out again later. To use the devices, no carrier gas and no second measuring device are required.

Energy is provided by the internal battery, with the device also able to run using the 230 V charger or from the 12 V motor vehicle power supply.

Delivered as a complete set.

Natural gas always contains ethane; the presence of this gas is also evidence of natural gas.
Normally a drawn-out gas analysis is required to assure that the measured gas concentration really is natural gas and not marsh gas. This time-consuming and difficult work, as well as the sampling, is no longer needed at all. Simply measure and save directly at the bore hole.
The printout can be done after the measurement.
No other measuring instrument are required. This gas chromatograph complies with the requirements of the DVGW (G465-4).
With the new and unique PGC you can quickly distinguish between marsh gas, natural gas and propane. Thanks to the integrated measurement cell of the PGC, no additional measurement instrument is required to analyse the gas, nor do you need any expensive carrier gas.