LPG leak detector / methane / gas / sniffing
GasPen light 3000 Schütz GmbH Messtechnik



  • Detected fluid:

    LPG, methane, gas

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    explosion-proof, with visual alarm


The GasPen light 3000 allows to find even the smallest leaks in gas installations. Leak detection is particularly
difficult in the case of unions with swelling materials. The leak location sprays will make this material swell,
causing the leak to be momentarily tight. Precisely in this field the use of a gas detector decive is essential.
The sensor in the GasPen light 3000 is protected against dirt and mechanical damage by a metal cap.


Clear indication of measured values without changing the sensitivity, handling with a turnbutton - easy leak
location also for users without experience. The strong metal sensor head and the sturdy casing make the
GasPen light 3000 a professional leak detection instrument for everyday use.