thermal circuit breaker / single-pole / manual reset
T12 series SCHURTER



  • Type:


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Operating mode:

    manual reset

  • Current:

    Max.: 16 A

    Min.: 0.1 A

  • VDC:


  • VAC:



Schurter's circuit breaker forequipment (CBE) of the T12 series protects devices such as solenoids, transformers, and motors from over-current conditions. The over-current heats up the bimetal strip due to which bimetal strip deflects and releases the latch mechanism. Its trip-free operation is supported following the latch release. The contacts will open even if reset button is held in closed position manually. The mechanism will not latch closed until the manual reset button is fully depressed and then released. It is impossible to tease the contacts by gentle pressure on the reset button.

The circuit breaker for equipment (CBE) of the T12 series is a single pole, thermally operated device providing small size, low cost and reliable trip-free operation on overloads and short circuits, up to the maximum breaking capacity.