thermal circuit breaker / 3-pole / single-pole / modular
TA35 series SCHURTER



  • Type:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    3-pole, single-pole

  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    rotary switch type

  • Current:

    Max.: 20 A

    Min.: 0.05 A

  • VDC:

    Max.: 60 V

    Min.: 32 V

  • VAC:

    Max.: 415 V

    Min.: 240 V


Circuit thermal breaker has multiple 1-, 2- or 3-pole working along with supplementary protection pertaining to general industrial use. It remains trip-free and has Bezel or knob snap-on. The operators can actuate it easily with gloved hands. These are available without bezel/knob in case front panel design needs to be customized. The standard configurations of this equipment are IEC 60934, UL 1077, CSA C22.2 235 and GB 17701. This equipment is suitable for applications in power tools, floor cleaning equipment, building, and wood/stone carving equipment.