thermal circuit breaker / single-pole / bipolar / automatic
TA45-2R series SCHURTER



  • Type:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    single-pole, bipolar

  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    rocker switch type

  • Current:

    Min.: 0.05 A

    Max.: 20 A

  • VDC:


  • VAC:



SCHURTER's thermal circuit breakers are designed for use in electrical and electronic equipment. They meet international safety standards. Three pole kinds are available with diverse actuation and rising classes. The 2 opposite version of the TA45 line of current CBE’s can be used for numerous drives. It is proficient for interjecting enough short circuit flows without the assistance of backup safety. Another version available utilizes under voltage release to protect persons against injuries caused by unexpected events like the automatic restarting of motors after a power failure. This can be combined with the thermal release required for over current protection.