Over-current protection relay / over-voltage / digital / programmable
SEL-451 Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories


  • Measured/monitored value:

    over-current, over-voltage

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, programmable, configurable, panel-mount, multifunction, for generators


The SEL-451 is a complete stand-alone protection, automation, and control system. The SEL-451 has speed, power, and flexibility to combine complete substation bay control with high-speed breaker protection in one economical system. Use the SEL-451 as an integral part of a full substation protection, control, and monitoring solution. Reduce Maintenance costs by accurately tracking breaker operation. Monitor breaker interruption times and accumulated breaker duty to easily determine the need for proactive maintenance. Integrate information with SCADA or automation systems through a communications processor or directly to the Ethernet port.


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