trip circuit monitoring relay / three-phase / single-phase / adjustable
SEL-651R Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories



  • Measured/monitored value:

    trip circuit

  • Other characteristics:

    three-phase, single-phase, adjustable, programmable, IEC, configurable, for recloser control


Advanced Recloser Control
The SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control offers exceptional protection and communications capabilities for Automatic Network Reconfiguration, three-phase and single-phase tripping, and other distribution automation needs. These capabilities help you maintain reliable service to as many customers as possible in the event of a fault.

Quickly commission the SEL-651R by applying just the settings you need using SEL QuickSet Design Templates. Easy-to-use Design Templates create a simplified settings interface and can be customized for your needs. Store design templates on the recloser control for quick access when making settings changes.