adjustable monitoring relay / programmable / multifunction / configurable
SEL-734B Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories



  • Other characteristics:

    adjustable, programmable, multifunction, configurable


Advanced Monitoring and Control System
The SEL-734B with low-energy analog (LEA) inputs provides advanced monitoring and control capabilities for applications, such as capacitor bank control and feeder monitoring. LEA sensor compatibility allows safe, fast, and inexpensive installations. Advanced communications report data to SCADA systems and allow remote operations from a control center.

Order enclosures with preloaded control schemes or design custom controls, such as capacitor bank controllers or sectionalizers, using acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software templates. SEL's capacitor bank control and sectionalizer templates improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce installation time and maintenance costs. User-customized templates add flexibility, improving any smart grid installation.