Voltage protection relay / overload / over-current / phase sequence
SEL-749M Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories


  • Measured/monitored value:

    voltage, overload, over-current, phase sequence, phase unbalance, temperature

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, configurable, for motors


Get comprehensive motor protection and SEL-exclusive reporting and trending that save you money in your industrial motor plant and processes. The SEL-749M Motor Relay uses the latest enhancements in the SEL-patented thermal overload model to accurately track the heating effects of operating and cyclic overload currents. The relay offers all basic motor protection features, including short-circuit, load loss, load jam, and frequent-starting protection as well as imbalance current and phase reversal protection. Add optional voltage, I/O, and communications capabilities to build the SEL-749M that is just right for your application.


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