phase control relay / digital / programmable
SEL-352 Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories



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    digital, programmable


The SEL-352 relay provides breaker failure protection, breaker control, and breaker monitoring. Features include a cost-saving data recorder and a sophisticated controller to reduce maintenance and manual operations. SELogic® Control Equations provide flexibility in applying the SEL-352 Relay for a variety of applications.

Comprehensive Breaker Failure Protection
Circuit breaker failure protection including failure to trip for fault or load conditions; failure to close, including pole disagreement; failure while open (flashover detection); failure to complete a trip or close due to stuck resistor switches; and loss of dielectric pressure. Five built-in schemes can be modified with SELogic control equations for application flexibility. Trip failure schemes accommodate single and multiple breaker applications, single-pole closing, and tripping applications. Overcurrent fault detection element includes unique subsidence current detection logic to provide fast reset after the breaker opens.
Complete Breaker Control
Circuit breaker control features including Motor-Operated Disconnect (MOD) trip and power circuit breaker isolation security logic, retripping, point-on-wave and staggered phase closing, synchronism checking, and trapped-charge polarity detection for sophisticated breaker control. extensive SELogic control Equation tools to enable custom automatic reclosing schemes.

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