pyrolysis cleaning machine / automatic / for the food industry / for the automotive industry



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  • Field:

    for the food industry, for the automotive industry, for the plastics industry, cost-effective, for plastics, for the plastics industry, polymer, industrial

  • Other characteristics:

    environmentally friendly, for large parts, for molds, for plastics, for extruder screw, for extrusion dies, for metal parts, for tools, high-capacity, gas-heated


MAXICLEAN is an environmentally and user friendly pyrolysis system (pyrolysis furnace, pyrolysis oven) for removing plastics without halogenated additives from especially large tools and components.

Complete plastics removal in a single step
Flexible reliable cleaning of large tools and components
Effective environmentally friendly removal of all halogen-free plastics
Increased tool life, reduced machine downtimes

In four to eight hours MAXICLEAN completely removes all polymer residues in a single process step without impacting the tools mechanically or thermally. The precisely controlled and at any time reproducible cleaning process of MAXICLEAN takes place in an externally gas-heated cleaning chamber with special hot air routing for the optimal distribution of the temperature. The automatic process control monitors the development of low temperature carbonization gases and provides a short cleaning time. Inorganic residual substances are removed using a select after-treatment method.

MAXICLEAN works without waste water and offers a separate afterburner which completely burns the low temperature carbonization gases at over 800 °C and discharges them via the chimney.

MAXICLEAN is supplied including loading carriage and exhaust air chimney and can be optionally equipped with a hydrolysis unit for filter cleaning. The effective cleaning quality of MAXICLEAN helps to significantly increase the economy of plastic production and processing plants.