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ISE 5 Scienta Omicron

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ion sputtering source ion sputtering source - ISE 5


High Beam Currents
Wide Energy Range (300 eV to 5 keV)
Compact Size
The ISE 5 is a compact and versatile ion sputtering source which features high target currents in excess of 80 A and a wide energy range from 300 eV up to 5 keV. The low energy capability makes the ISE 5 ideal for cleaning sensitive samples and single crystals.

The ISE 5 Ion Source operates over a wide energy range from 250 eV to 5 keV and delivers a maximum beam current of over 80 μA. The simple construction of the source, with all the components supported from the earth cover, allows the ISE 5 to be easily dismantled for cleaning and overhaul to ensure long term operational advantages.

The ISE 5 utilises proven cold cathode principals for operation. Argon gas is fed into the gas cell that acts as the cold cathode ion source and a voltage is applied between the anode and cathode to initiate and sustain the gas discharge. The longitudinal magnetic field through the source region causes any electrons generated in the discharge to have a spiral path (and an extended path length) in the discharge which enables them to cause large ion and electron generation.

The ions are extracted from the gas cell through an aperture in the cathode plate and into a flight tube. In the flight tube the ions are travelling with high energy but are only at the final beam energy once they have left the source. This feature enables the source to maintain an acceptable target current at low beam energies.

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