Erlenmeyer flask / borosilicate glass / with cap / for cell cultures
1142 series SciLabware Limited



  • Type:


  • Material:

    borosilicate glass

  • Other characteristics:

    for cell cultures, with cap

  • Volume:

    250 ml, 500 ml, 1,000 ml, 2,000 ml (8.4535 US fl oz)


These baffle flasks are supplied with a blue polypropylene GL45 screwcap fitted with a 0.2um PTFE gas-permeable membrane that allows gaseous exchange whilst the contents remain sterile.

Ideal for aerobic microbiology and cell culture
Flasks complete with blue polypropylene GL45 screwcap with a gas-permeable PTFE membrane that permits gaseous exchange whilst contents remain sterile
Flasks can be autoclaved with the membrane screwcap fastened
Manufactured from Pyrex borosilicate glass for maximum chemical and thermal resistance
The four equidistant baffles provide consistent agitation when used with compatible orbital shakers
Suitable for repeated autoclave cycles at 121°C