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Hand-held thermal imaging camera
Eagle X Scott Health & Safety

The new Eagle X is a compact, durable and light weight hand-held thermal imaging camera for fire service, police, security, hazmat and industrial applications. Scott designed the Eagle X by drawing on the input of a wide variety of end users. That input called for a simple to operate, cost-effective tool that provides clear and crisp thermal imaging.

• The Eagle X is a fast-attack camera intended to be hand-carried by firefighters and others required to respond quickly to emergency situations. The camera may also be easily carried on a shoulder strap.
• Featuring a streamlined and ergonomic design, the Eagle X weighs just 2.6 pounds.
• A large format 3.5 inch diagonal LCD displays highly detailed and clear images to the user. This is an important feature because the more detailed the image, the more visual information the user is provided when sizing up a situation.


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